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Serving in Kenya, Africa: Raising Christian Men & Women who will stand as beacons of light in their communities.

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Summary of Personnel Needs - USA & KENYA
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Kenya, Africa


Director of Counseling and Spiritual Formation

Support Gethsemane International's home parents in the field through Biblical counseling and personal discipleship. Responsible for the Biblical counsel of the children, staff, and home parents of Gethsemane. A focus on the discipleship of the home parents for the purpose of seeing the home parents in turn disciple the children of their home.


Director of Operations

Manage the Gethsemane International staff and operations in Kenya. Ensure that the Gethsemane International homes are well equipped to meet the physical needs of the children and that staff members are managed appropriately.



Director of Academics

Oversee the Bible classes and curriculum at Gethsemane International School. Offer advice and guidance to the school staff in regard to the Biblical focus and worldview of the school as well as monitor the financial operations of the school. A source of support for the school staff and an overseer of the school's Biblical emphasis.



Director of Health and Wellness

Act as Gethsemane International's resident nurse to perform regular check-ups for students, staff, and home parents as well as to administer health care. Support home parents and school staff with health education and ensure healthy practices throughout Gethsemane International.



IT Manager

Manager of Gethsemane International technology on the field in Kenya, including organization and school computers and other equipment. The IT Manager will be responsible for the condition of the Gethsemane computers and other technology, as well as possible computer instruction classes at Gethsemane International School.



Business Development Manager

Responsible for developing new business ventures for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of Gethsemane International's operations or providing sustainable sources of supplemental income to the homes. Seek creative entrepreneurial endeavors to benefit the organization.


United States



Advocate Program Director

Responsible for Gethsemane's Advocate Program, including recruiting passionate individuals to help raise awareness and support in locations throughout the United States, training these advocates, supporting these advocates with materials and advice, and communicating regularly with the advocates to receive reports and results of their efforts.


Intern Program Director

Responsible for Gethsemane's Intern Program, including recruiting college students and recent college graduates to the program, screening applications and references, training the interns, and creating appropriate assignments for the interns both in Kenya and in the United States which will benefit Gethsemane. Regularly communicating with the interns to receive reports.


Mission Program Director

Responsible for Gethsemane's Mission Program, including recruiting groups for mission teams, training the teams, preparation for projects with the Director of Operations in Kenya, and guiding mission teams in Kenya during their mission trip.


Child Sponsor Program Director

Responsible for Gethsemane's Sponsor Program, including communication with existing Sponsors, mailing regular updates to each of the three levels of sponsors, and recruiting additional Sponsors for the Gethsemane children.


Church Partner Program Director

Responsible for Gethsemane's Partner Program, including increasing the number of churches who corporately support Gethsemane. Communication, networking, church visits, and speaking events in order to gain additional church partners for Gethsemane.


Administrative Assistant (Full- or Part-Time)

Assist Gethsemane's Director of Development in fundraising and public relations tasks. The Administrative Assistant will perform such tasks as data entry, newsletter mailings, communications with supporters, and event preparation.

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