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Serving in Kenya, Africa: Raising Christian Men & Women who will stand as beacons of light in their communities.

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Gethsemane International School

Gethsemane International School (GIS) is a vibrant Christian School located in the heart of Olooua, Kenya.

Our school provides quality academics with an accurate Biblical world-view.  We serve over 120 students and their families.  GIS is a ministry of Gethsemane International, Inc.  Our school allows us to reach beyond our children homes to the entire Olooua community reaching students and their families with the message of Jesus Christ. Click here for Hisotry


K-8th Grades: Excellence in Academics

We offer K-8th grade classes.  The school is registered with the Kenya Ministry of Education and our teaching staff are certified teachers.  Our students learn all the required curriculum for Kenya along with a Biblical World-View.  Jesus Christ is seen in what we teach, how we teach, and how we love the students each and every day.

Computer Lab:  A blessing and a necessity in today's academics

The computer lab is used by all the Primary Students in various ways.  Our curriculum is growing towards more computer based and we need to expand our Computer Lab.  Please consider donating to this critical need in our school.  We desire to remain updated and relevant with today's technology.


Our Teachers Make the Difference:

We have some amazingly gifted educators on staff.  They enthusiatically teach our students with genuine love and concern.  Our staff goes to great lengths to ensure that no student gets left behind.
Our Teachers (click for more)


Reaching the Olooua Community for Jesus Christ:

Below is a picture of our Soccer Field where kids enjoy games and activities during recess and throughout the week.  Teaching Christian values and the love of Jesus in and outside of the classroom.
The Difference You Can Make...
The growth of Gethsemane is because of God's provisions through our faithful supporters. Because of those who support Gethsemane we can open more Children's Homes and expand our shcool, and make a difference in the country of Kenya and the world.
You can make the difference in the lives of these children. You can provide the means for a new soul to be added to the Body of Christ. You can change the life of a child who desperately needs to know they are wanted, valuable, and loved. Make a difference.


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