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Serving in Kenya, Africa: Raising Christian Men & Women who will stand as beacons of light in their communities.

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Director of Health and Wellness

Gethsemane International began in 2003 with the mission to "Raise Christian Men and Women Around the World" by following the Biblical model of family to create holistic healing for orphans. Our offices are headquartered in Knoxville, TN while our children's homes and Christian school are in Kenya, Africa.


Director of Health & Wellness

Location: Kenya, Africa

Type: Full-Time

Compensation: Missionary Support, raised by applicant

The successful applicant will be a resident nurse, performing regular check-ups for children, staff, and home parents as well as administering health care. Also, they will provide health education for home parents and school staff in order to ensure healthy practices throughout Gethsemane International.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the health of Gethsemane children, home parents, and staff through regular check-ups

  • Discern and treat illnesses

  • Act as liaison for any necessary doctor or hospital visits

  • Educate home parents and school staff in health care practices

  • Ensure healthy practices throughout Gethsemane's Kenya operations

  • Report regularly to Gethsemane's Country Director of Kenya and our Director of Development

Skills & Specifications:
  • Strong medical experience and contemporary medical knowledge

  • Strong inter-personal and cross-cultural communication skills

  • Strong understanding of Gethsemane's mission, message, and programs

  • Must be trustworthy with a high level of professional integrity

  • Effective verbal and written communication skills

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Outlook)

  • Passion to serve Christ and others

  • An attitude which is described in Philippians 2:3-8

Education& Qualifications:

  • College Education with a 4-year nursing degree, preferred

  • Working experience in medical field, a plus
  • Certified Physician's Assistant, a plus

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