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Serving in Kenya, Africa: Raising Christian Men & Women who will stand as beacons of light in their communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How is Gethsemane different from other relief agencies?
A: We are Christ-Centered and seek to, as all Biblical parents, raise children in the Knowledge & Grace of Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:17-18; Deuteronomy 6:5-7). We provide homes, not an orphanage, institution or refugee camp. Each of our homes follow the Biblical model of family, with two godly parents, siblings, family time, and chore responsabilities. See Our Purpose and Our Children.
Q: What is the sponsorship money used for?
A: Sponsorships pay for the clothing, food, and practical needs of a child. Therefore, when all of the children in a home are sponsored the operating expenses of that home are covered and it becomes self-sufficient. However, when the home's children are not all sponsored then the money for that home's support must come from elsewhere. When this happens, Gethsemane's growth is stiffled and we are unable to take advantage of many of the opportunities to reach out to more children. Learn more about our Sponsor Program
Q: When do the children "age out" of the homes?
A: We are currently equipped to meet the children's needs through the age of 18. We are currently raising money for College Scholarships in hope to send the qualifying children to college. After college, we will provide guidance as needed. Our process is oriented towards providing the children with the needed skills, knowledge, and attitudes to "fly" out of the Gethsemane nest and stand on their own two feet. Donate to college scholarships.
Q: Are the children available for adoption?
A: No. Unfortunately the Kenya governmental laws discourage such action because of their requirement of a year of residency for adoptive parents. Because of that, Gethsemane is commited to developing Biblical homes in the children's own country so that that will be able to grow into godly men and women who will be a beacon of light to their community.
Q: Why not put more children in each home?

A: In order to more thoroughly meet the childrens needs in a holistic manner, we feel that more children would overtax the home parents. We are commited to maintaining a Bible model for each of our homes. Our home parents teach and train the children personally about Jesus Christ, each family has time together in worship and devotions, and each child learns responsability by having their own chore and interacting with their siblings. With more children in each home, we would not be able to invest in each child completely and our philosophy of a Biblical family would make way for an institution.

Q: Why are all the children's heads shaved?
A: School requires periodic head shavings due to lice in some schools. Our children currently do attend the local Secondary schools (British system). However, our future vision is to have a Gethsemane Secondary school at our home. 
Q: Are the Board of Directors compensated in any way?
A: All serve on a voluntary basis and are not compensated. We are thankful for our faithful and passionate board members. All of them have a heart for the hopeless children of Kenya, and God has used them mightily in growing Gethsemane. Meet Our Directors



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